Rules & Policies

Please note there are specific rules that will be gone over at the escape rooms themselves.

  1. Bookings, Call-Ins, and Walk-Ins
    All bookings are done on our online system. Bookings must be made a minimum of 2 hours before the desired start time. All people are welcome to call-in when looking for an appointment but due to Covid we are not able to accommodate walk-ins at this time.  If the time you are looking to book is not available online feel free to call and we may be able to make other arrangements.

  2. Minors
    We recommend calling about the room you are looking to book, as some rooms may have lighting, themes, etc, that could disturb the child.  Additionally, please note that one 10-and-under child will be admitted free per full-price admission.
    Children (0-10): All children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by a paying adult in the room at all times. 
    Youth (11-17): Youths are treated as adults.

  3. No-Shows                                                                                                                     Anyone not showing up for an appointment made will forfeit their deposit with no options for re-scheduling.

  4. Cancellation & Rescheduling
    If you are unable to come, please call us to cancel at 306-830-6670.  Cancellations within 2 hours of an appointment will be considered no-shows and will not have their deposit returned.  Please call with more than 2 hours notice if you need to reschedule.

  5. Arriving Early
    Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for orientation and payment so we can start the room at your scheduled time.

  6. Late Arrivals
    Booking times are set. The working employee reserves the right to reduce the time spent in the room as the booking will have already begun.
    If you are waiting for one or two members, you may begin the room with the group present and allow the others to join in when they arrive.  Arriving more than 15 minutes late may result in your booking being cancelled.

  7. Large Groups (12+)
    We love to accommodate large groups!  Please call us to make bookings for more than 12 people and we will be happy to assist you as we may decide to book all rooms out for you depending on the needs of your group.

  8. Property
    Please respect our property: our staff will tell you what elements in the room are to be left alone. Breaking and forcing items is not part of the game. Do not dismantle electrical outlets and light switches. 

  9. Outside Items
    We welcome you to leave coats, bags, cellphones, etc with us while you play. We will gladly store them for you in a safe place, or you can choose to leave them in your car. Absolutely no cell phones are allowed in our rooms but you are welcome to take your coats or bags with you if you wish.

  10. Intoxication
    The working staff has a right to turn away any intoxicated people or groups if they feel that there is a hazard to our property or worry for their own safety.

  11. Post-Room Pictures
    The staff loves taking photos and displaying them on our Facebook page, but will not take or post without permission.  The photo is free of charge, but it is your responsibility to request the photo.  Staff often try to ask, but during busier hours pictures are a lower priority.  If you would like a picture taken and you were not offered one, please ask the staff and be patient.

Covid19 Regulations

** All players are required to wear a mask for the time being, you can bring one from home or purchase one at the front desk for a small fee **
** Rooms must start at the booked time so we ask you arrive 10 minutes early as we have bookings staggered so that groups will not be meeting in the waiting room.  If you arrive late that time will be docked from your booking **
** Sanitizer will be provided and required before entering rooms **

**Maximum of 4 players in a room due to new regulations in our province.  Additionally, you can only go into a room with members of your household**


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